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the distance learning (online) 24 hours in day any convenient time.

distance education Project

We accept applicants for distance learning by placing an online order for educational services for any IEP program.

Ordering an educational service is, in fact, the procedure for admission to training. Here and now You can place your order for distance learning according to the program you are Interested in, depending on Your desire and the level of Your previous education.

Ordering distance learning – a formal but necessary procedure, as a result of which, You will become an applicant first, and then, after complying with all the necessary formalities defined admission rules, a full-fledged student of IEP.

you, a respected entrant, one of your parents, any other natural or legal person with whom a contract for the provision of educational services will be concluded and who will pay for Your distance learning can act as a Customer of distance education services. The contract for distance learning, application for admission and invoice Can be printed at the end of the online registration of distance education services. Distance learning system – an opportunity to get a quality education.
We have done everything to make the process of ordering distance education easy and enjoyable for You. In step mode, you can easily pass this important procedure.

According to experts, in the next five years, two-thirds of students in developed countries will study remotely. Getting at the same time quite real and high-quality, not virtual knowledge.

And absolutely real diploma about the received specialty.
the Internet has come to education and now it is important that these opportunities are appreciated by society, and public consciousness overcame age-old stereotypes. Now you can get a full education using your home computer.

Distance learning technology, which is the basis of the system, provides an opportunity for full education that meets all the requirements of the state, using the Internet.
Today there are three types of distance learning technologies on the market of educational services.

Internet technology is definitely a new step in distance education. The network provides the student with the opportunity to choose the time and place of study. At the same time, the Internet serves as a means of delivery of educational materials, and a tool for communication between students and teachers.
you don’t have to come to Prague To enroll in IEP. Attendance is necessary only for the protection of the diploma, or You yourself wish to visit Prague and pass the session in the IEP. IEP provides visa support in any case.

during the training, the student is delivered the briefcase, which contains the lectures of teachers, learning and teaching materials and assignments.
Classic lectures, seminars, workshops, tests, training programs, test assignments and teacher consultations are now available on your computer monitor digitally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week