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External study

European higher education online


This is a universal form of distance learning using a wide range of both traditional and new information and telecommunication technologies and tools that create conditions for students to freely choose educational disciplines, provide interactive exchange with the teacher. The learning process does not depend on the location of the student in space and time, does not depend on the age and characteristics of the development program.

external Studies – independent study of disciplines according to the basic educational program of higher professional education in the chosen field of training or specialty with subsequent certification (current and final) in higher education.

 externality Benefits

  • Freedom to choose the length of study,which depends only on the individual student’s pace (the minimum period of study is 2 years).
    • Ability to choose the place of study: students can
    • undergo training sitting at the computer at home
    • Individual work of the teacher-consultant with the student.

the learning Process consists in self-study of disciplines with the help of teaching materials developed by highly qualified teachers of the University.

During the period of self-study, students can consult with teachers , leading the learning process, using any possible means of communication. You can purchase a password to access the online versions of the tutorials and to communicate with teachers online. . Training is completed by the state final certification. Exams and tests are taken in personor online on an individual schedule< / b >

In the form of external studies you can get higher professional education in all specialties.

Admission and enrollment to external studies is carried out throughout the year.

Students who have previously studied at any University, i.e. have a diploma or academic certificate, as well as students studying in parallel in any University, are enrolled in the external form of education without entrance exams.

the Certification Commission on the basis of the documents submitted by the student on education makes the decision on transfer (full or partial) of the disciplines of the same name which are earlier handed over.

the Total cost of training is determined by the number of certifications that must be obtained according to the curriculum of the chosen specialty and does not depend on the duration of training.

Training periods are unlimited.

Paperwork takes place at the interview, the applicant must provide documents on education and agree on the workload for the next semester or online.

 Higher education is received externally, is paid.

the Order for enrollment is issued only after payment of the entire training program.

the Term of certification is determined individually and depends on the level of previous education of the student, his abilities and perseverance in mastering the disciplines, the number of disciplines to be certified.

the following documents are required For admission to external studies:

  • Statement
  • Questionnaire
  • Copy of the document on previous education (certificate of secondary, secondary vocational education, diploma of higher (incomplete higher) education with the Appendix, academic reference)
  • Passport (for presentation)
  • 6 photos 3×4 cm.
  • preparation Agreement (in 2 copies)
  • Individual certification plan


the statement, the questionnaire, the agreement on training and certification plan – filled in on the forms IEP in the educational Department or online

Enrollment of students for certification in the form of external studies is carried out throughout the school year.

the Cost of a full course of certification in the form of external studies, including the final certification, is established by the order of the rector  and fixed in the contract.

the First payment is – 50% of the amount provided by the contract on training. Subsequent payment is allowed 1 part during the entire period of certification.

At the request of an external student, other educational services can be provided for a fee: listening to lectures, participating in seminars, scientific and practical conferences, additional consultations and more.

Training in the «External» form is carried out for persons with education not lower than secondary (complete) General or not lower than secondary professional. External interview and registration is held in IEP daily from 9:00 to 18:00.